Lol...that's Me In The Group Picture

Totally forgot I made this group many moons ago.

I probably wrote a story in it but I deleted my account, and therefore deleted all my stories, etc. 

Vulgarity is something I've always been pretty unapologetic about, much to many people's disgust. 

I don't usually go out of my way to offend people, and I definitely act differently around different groups of people, e.g. I'm usually always nice and pleasant to older folk who grew up in a different era. 

I like to shock people, but in a good way. 

From a young age I was annoyed that certain behaviours were not only acceptable for boys, but often encouraged (such as burping). As a girl, whose parents sent her to deportment training school (was meant to teach me how to "be a lady", walked with books on top of our head, that kinda ****).

IN primary school, a female teacher told all the girls in the class that we were getting "too old" to sit with our legs apart and that we had to consciously close them. I remember thinking...Why? Why do we have to close our legs and the boys don't? 

I suppose from a young age I wanted to rebel against these little customs. So I would burp the alphabet during recess with my male best friend and I would sit with my legs comfortably in class (which was probably apart)...These habits didn't really change as I grew into adulthood. 

As a teenager I got a lecture from one of the boys in a group of friends who told me that as a woman, I'm not meant to refer to, or talk about, that act of excreting. 

I called him on his bullshit, and the boys told me they thought I was "gross" and "unladylike". . . Didn't stop them from trying to get into my pants at parties though. 

I knew I'd met my match in my partner when, after only a few weeks of dating, he wrestled me, pinned me down and farted on my face and when I retaliated, he laughed instead of recoiled. 

As a child I was told I was a tomboy, even though I played with Barbies and wore dresses and make-up. I think they called me a tomboy because I acted in ways that was only acceptable for boys. 

I swear a lot, too. I enjoy swearing. I think it adds something special to the English language and when used appropriately can have a good effect. My Dad tells me I swear too much, but I have what I call a swearing switch. As a teacher, I have to be able to control it. I can't use "*******" as an adjective in the classroom. My switch works incredibly well except for when I hurt myself, like stubbing my toe. 

Amongst friends I talk about "taboo" subjects often, which sometimes lumps me into the 'vulgar' category. I like to think of it as honest...

I recently mentioned to my girlfriends about having period sex with my partner and they squealed in unison. 'Oh, that's disgusting!' 
'Oh really?' I retorted. "So, you're okay with gobbling up your boyfriend's *** but bleeding from the uterus is completely unacceptable?"

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4 Responses Dec 4, 2012

great story, vulgarity and swearing are good things, lol

i have always wondered why women, whose snat/ches are so "boxed up" like cozy hot pockets, need to close their are the ones with obvious genitalia! and awww, what a fuqqing, farting sweet love story.

how wonderfully vulgar. Epic photo for this group, by the way. reminds me of the good old days here.

Yikes! I dont think I would be think much of a date who pinned me down and farted on my face . He must have some very redeeming qualities :)