I Hate That I Stopped Losing Weight

I have been addicted to Adderall for almost 2 years now...The first year i lost so much weight everyone kept on telling me how good i looked... i felt great i had so much energy i could do the work of 5 people... i started selling adderall to all my girlfriends who wanted to lose weight ... anyone and everyone who tried it loved it .... without it though i can barely get out of bed... im in a haze i have NO energy ... and the reason i started taking it in the first place ( to lose weight) has stopped i still take them as much if not more then i used to anything i can get my hands on 10's 20's 30's beads or pills blue orange doesnt matter even ritialn if i have to ... i just stopped not being hungry now i still just wanna eat with or without them and i am freaking out...about gaining weight and the fact that i am now VERy adicted to somthing that doesnt even help me lose weight anymore...i stay up for days i clean crazy things ..i become o.c.d like u wouldnt belive like im a super person... but now im hungry again and i fucken hate it....i dont know what to do... i dont even feel like i can hold a job anymore without it.....
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Wow... i feel the same way. I started taking 30mg adderall along with abusing my xanax presc<x>ription. I feel like both medications made me lose such a drastic amount of weight, but adderall helped the most. I started taking adderal in August of 2012. Within three months, with taking the adderral and maintaining a very strict diet, I went from 180 pounds to 130 within two months. I lost 50 pounds in TWO MONTHS! I felt good about myself that i had lost the weight, but since I abused my xanax along with other opiates, I was mentally unstable. I got clean in December, cut off everything except adderol. It is now May of 2013 and I am 136... although, I am not dieting anymore. I don't feel the "overly excited and hyper high" anymore. I don't feel the need to clean, be perfect at work and school, and be very organized. I miss that feeling. I feel like I was more successful when I had such feelings, even though I was so mentally unstable. I am scared of gaining weight again. Do any of you think I will lose weight if I just go back on my diet? Have I lost that "high" I could get forever?

How many pills did you take a day? I have to start taking the pills and I want to know what is to much

Stop adderral now, I took adds for over 5 yrs illegally, When I first stated one 20mg worked, overtime it took me more and more and still would not feel like I did in the beginning. I was taking 60 mg soon as I woke in the morning by early afternoon I was takin more . I wouldn't sleep couldn't sleep but no longer got all the things accomplished like I use to. I would start projects and never finish them.<br />
It's line I made myself ADHD from takin adds. It was crazy.t family found out and intervened (it was really bad) sent me to rehab. I am 6 months clean. Still have many days of very low energy but it's a mind game. I push myself to atleast be normal. And I will. One day at a time<br />
So please if u use stop before u get like I was. After a while the adds will no longer work no matter how much u take.

Anyone going through an adderall withdrawal will eat anything and everything in sight because o the horrible diet we practice while on the med. It should never be prescribed as a diet pill because of this reason, including others. The only thing I can tell you is to practice a low sodium weight watchers diet and start counting points. My sisters and parents live by it and they are tiny, I don't because I have been on meds most of my life but I'm sure it will catch up with me when my metabolism drops and when I decide to get off of them after my phd. Trust me when I say no diet pill will keep off the lbs only determination and will power!

I completely understand where your fears are coming from, as I struggle with them as well. I have been addicted to adderall for almost three years. Before starting it, I weighed 215 (my heaviest). I currently fluctuate between 128-134 but I never go any lower or higher. When adderall stopped suppressing my appetite I was scared that I was going to gain all of the weight back. I never did. And I started feeling hungry again over a year ago. As long as you are conscious of everything you put into your body, it is pretty easy to maintain a low weight. Best advice I can give is to make sure you only eat your calories, don't drink them. Sugary beverages are pure evil, keeping them out of your life will make maintaining weight surprisingly easy.

I have only been on it for a couple of months and so far have lost 20 pounds. I loved the way it made me feel in the beginning but it seems to not be as affective as it was in the first few weeks. I have it prescribed for adhd and its only 30mg of xr in the morning. Was it the same for you that the initial rush has been lost?