Im Addicted And I Feel Ok About It.

Im a 4 time aghanistan/iraq veteran who needs this stuff to operate during the day. Anyone near Birmingham, AL that wanna share a story, im all ears.
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Actually, adderall is a great ADHD med if not abused. Neurologists don't prescribe over 40 to 60 mg daily so taking 125 or more mg is and will cause defects pertaining to cognitive development among other things. I am 29 years old, I had a 3.8 gap in college and started out with Ritalin when I was 7 years old and I'm sad that doctors still prescribe it! If you start adderall and you happen to be a male watch for aggression! It's safer to start concerta, which is a great med also. I'm a special education teacher and I am also an expert when it comes to AD/HD. Find a nuerologist to help with your AD/HD not another type of doctor. Nuerologists' focus is on chemical imbalances,due to behavior disorders and that is what AD/HD happens to be.

I would never recommend adder all for anyone I am 25 I have been taking this stuff for 3 years at 120 mg per day now taking upwards of 200 mg per day I really need to stop but I can't and I have no way to keep fueling my addiction bc everyone I used to get them from when my scrip ran out doesn't sell them anymore pls any comments would be helpful.....

meshreky2000, couldn you tell me about taking adderall? I take ritalin and don't like it. Are you ADHD?<br />
Anything would be helpful!

Adderall is not a diet pill, it is a med for people with ADHD, I take ritalin which is also supposed to be a stimulant but it puts me to sleep. I am really trying to find out about adderall since I had considered<br />
changing to it but got caught up in the thread of stories here and now I'm more confused, well actually troubled.since I don't know what to do. I do know you don't lose weight on ritalin!! In my case, that is!

Hi.I,m Iraqi young girl and i,m so sorry about ur story but i wanna use adderall as a wieght loss so what do u recommand 4 me and i hope u finish ur mission in Iraq with no harm and for the record i just need a few pounds