Adderal Is Satan

  If you're currently about to read my post, and typed in my title than you're probably in SEVERE mental pain as well.  I have battled with ADD, anxiety and depression now for 11 years. I have seen so many medications, none of which have really ever helped, but more just masked my problem then waking up the next morning feeling like hell.  I currently am on Adderall, Xanax, Ambien, Effexor XR and Trazadone.  As I type in all of those drug names it kills me inside to realize I am no longer a patient of these Dr's but an addicted customer.  I never dreamed in a million years that this is where I would be at 27 years old. Worse off than I have ever been, and yes I have tried to get off all of them one at a time at some point. Now I am just at a point where I feel that I am drowned in drugs, and am no different than an addict on the street. I thought I could trust Doctors, hell I was 16 and did not know any better.  However, out of all of those drugs the most lethal, and yes I said lethal is Adderal.  It helps while you're on it, but when it wears off, you have the darkest most disturbing thoughts you could ever imagine.  The pain that drug has caused my life can't even be described with words, it's ruined pretty much every relationship with every person I have ever had.  For those of you reading this and are saying, "Well then why not just stop taking it?". My answer is you can't, with out it you eventually can't even get out of bed, you can't talk right, and have zero emotion for anything.  Trust me I have tried to stop it, but I always end up taking it.  I never thought something from the "Pharmacy" could control me so much.  For those of you who are reading this, and have ADD and have been talked to about the drug Adderal, and are debating wither you should take it or not.  Please I beg you to not touch it, please! You may start out on 10 MG's, but you'll end up on 60 mg's before you know it.  You will have lost your soul and any love left that you had for life.  Please please stay away from Adderal.  If this post helps anyone stay away from Adderal then at least I have been able to save another's life, as for now mine is gone. The other drugs I am on are bad as well, and have been impossible to get off. Not one of them would I ever recommend. Just stay away from any narcotics. The pharmacies are a BILLION dollar industry for a reason, like me, once you're hooked you become a permanent customer to them just to stay away from with drawl.  If you are fighting the pains of ADD, anxiety and or depression I highly recommend you see a naturalist. (that is someone who believes in curing mental problems ONLY with natural things). IE. Omega 3's, 5-HTP etc. Trust me on this please!!  I hope this post saves someone out there. God bless you all!!
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How can you help my daughter get off adder all she is loosing her mind

Neurotransmiter restoration therapy from Aminokit Labs in Denver was successful in getting me off it

I am 27 and I never thought I be like this ...I don't have prescriptions for anything but adderall but adderall has led me to those other drugs like xanax and klonopins. I've tried stopping but like you said once you stop you can't get out of bed, have no drive, and can't even speak right? I don't know what to do z

Saying this with the most respect I can. Katlex that made the comments earlier in May. if you have a problem with addiction, dont blame you over medicating yourself on the doctors wanting to make money. Take responsibility for yourself. Also, its "patients", not "patience". Lastly, Im glad you told this person to contact you because you could "help" them and then not even a month later post a comment that you "give up".

Ok I just read the whole post. I am 27 and I am bi-polar and I have severe anxiety and depression. I have tried to mentally change the way I think but it will only get you so far. I have taken many meds in the past but never something like adderall. I have done cocaine a handful of times and stopped cold turkey it never was a big deal to me. I just stopped smoking weed as well and I dont drink. I went to a doctor because I can never focus on anything I always loose things and my mind wonders all the time. I got put on the generic of adderall 10mg the first day I took it I felt like i did on cocaine but milder after a couple days I didnt really feel it much. So i started to take 20mg a day which has been a better does for me. I take serequel for my bi-polar. I take 4 320mg fish oils a day even before the adderall that didnt help my mental state. I think adderall does help some people who really need it. I cant imagine why a doctor would put you on 4 or 5 different pills no wonder your going insane. I have been through hell and back and I was never on any drugs. I also dont have an addictive personality. I dont think kids should be put on this. HAHA my insurance wouldnt cover it because I am over the age of 17 I believe so I have to pay out of my pocket. It makes me more alert and focused which I have never been before. I dont want to take these pills the rest of my life but I am trying new ways to get me out of this mental state that I am in. I drink plenty of water I dont drink juices or sodas and try to have a healthy diet. I also have taken Xanax but it just makes me pass out. I have been through so much mental abuse and gone through life things such as my father killing my mom and shooting himself day after Christmas in 2006 I dont know why a doc would put you on so many meds. The only thing Xanax does is calms you down. I dont know the other names but it sounds like your doctor is a nut job. My dad was on so many meds the time of the murder and I believe that was what helped drive him over the edge. I think adderall can help the right person. I hope your doing better and found what works for you.

While reading this It sounds so much like me I had to check to see if I had. In with u I understand I too am gone, I've been in bed now for 2 months I can not get out I'm more down than ever I'm breathing so others won't suffer. I give up

You are an amazing person. Although you're going through so much you still have the energy to tell others about this problem of addiction. I actually have proved information which talks about this kind of drugs made to ''help'' with whatever one has problem. The thing is that the doctors who give this drugs to the patience all they want is to make money. Make a killer! They know will get you addicted and ****** up, but they dont care.<br />
Listen up: I can help you get your life back and be free of this drugs. Please contact me back. I want to tell you more about how I can help you. Best to you!

've been clean 6 wks now from adderall was prescribed 30mg 2x daily ... those doses for me turned into triple the amount on Feb 26th I ran out of meds.. Thought what was I too do it was to early for my doctors visti... That nite I prayed God would make away for me to get off those pills and let me enjoy my three beautiful children I have to raise I went that Monday morning to the doctor only to find the doc had retired.. I havent had one since... not been easy however I enjoy lfe better now than ever

Hi , I found your post amazing. Thank you . I only took 5 or 6 pills total of the Adderall, during exams in school. I read 2 books about adult women with ADD/ADHD and later 2 doctors confirmed that I absolutely do have ADD. The Rx for Adderall was easy to fill at the pharmacy it was for 20 mg, and I took 5 or 6 in total ( broke 20 mg in half) I was scarred of themat first. First time I took it I felt great !!!! Very alert , productive , I felt mental power that I never had ever in my life. It was amazing ! also I was not hungry or sleepy at all , in fact I did not sleep that night or the next night or the next night ..I stopped taking the pills but insomnia did not go away at all. Now I am taking xanax or ambien to help me fall asleep . Internally I know this is not the answer.I came here because I wanted to read other people concerns and reactions to the medication that has to help with ADD/ADHD, but after reading your post I promice you I will stop right now right here, I will never get refills and will never use it again. I am just too scarred for my future.I will seek alternative methods or something ?? But I realised Adderall is not the answer too many side effects, too addictive , too sad after. Thank you for sharing your post !!! It really helped me !!!! I will never take it again Good luck with the treatment ! Take care of you all the best K .

You need to go on a fast for 5 days to get rid of this addiction!! Try a water-only fast for 5 to 10 days and you will NO longer be addicted to adderall or any of those drugs! Your body will heal itself of those drugs and the need to want them!!<br />
<br />
That is how God made the body to be when we have illnesses. Instead of going to doctors or hospitals. All we needed to do was go on a fast for a few days and all our symptoms would be gone!! If you are tired of everything, at least try the fast to see what happens!

I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!! i'm currently struggling with the addiction myself and I have tried my best to discourage ANYONE from starting to take adderall!!!

U can live life with out it. ...?

you know u can live and be ok without the adder all right?????

if u don't mind me asking how much adderall are u taking daily?

I almost got caught up in the same kind of mess you have found yourself in. I was suffering from fibromyalgia, which if you're not familiar with it, it is a chronic seriously painful condition. The doctor prescribed percocet for me. I took one and was amazed. I felt wonderful. No pain for the first time in years! Then I did the smart thing and looked it up. The comments on the drug were that it was highly addictive and gave a person a "false sense of well being". I threw the rest away. In my opinion it was irresponsible of the doctor to give me a highly addictive substance for a chronic condition. How could I have gone back to suffering that badly after a few weeks of feeling great -- knowing that all I had to do was get my hands on some more percocet to return to having a life again? I could very easily become a pain pill addict. Having said that, I am sorry that you are in such a place where you must fight to get your life back. <br />
<br />
I have also fought insomnia and depression among other issues. I find my depression responds quite well to using two drops of organic bergamot essential oil in the morning and I use cayenne pepper capsules (around 10,000 - 12,000 mg per day) to stay awake during the day and then about an eighth of a teaspoon of vanilla bean seems to help me sleep better at night. I hope this is helpful, but if not, keep fighting. I also visited a naturopath yesterday for a different issue and she informed me that there is now a test to see what is going on with the neurotransmitters in one's brain, so you might want to see if you can access this test for yourself which will give you very specific information as to what you need. God bless you.

Thank you so much, my older sister suffers from Fibromyalgia, so I totally understand the struggle you've been through. Thank you for your words of advice.

Or in my case, I don't want to be up til 5AM. I want my life back so bad, and I just keep abusing the adderal, i try over and over and over again.

I hear that, we're practically two of a kind. I too am addicted consumer. read my story I posted about chemical dependency. Check it out, time is 4:12am and I'm up feeling strung out from long wk of class and I have to wake up @8am. One of two things will happen: eventually pass out and miss my appt OR take more adderall and ride it out...but here's the thing, I don't want to. All I want to do is REST, RELAX. I haven't lost total control, not completely.
I'm scared for myself.

Wow thanks so much for caring, you made my eyes water. Thank you. God bless you!