Addicted to Adderall

Lets see, i have been taking adderall now for over 10 yrs. It all started while attending college. I was making fairly good graded but always felt like i couldn't concentrate. Therefor, i spoke to some guidance counselor who sent me to a therapist . Ironically this therapist was taking adderall as well and made it out to be the best drug available. "It opens you thought process " he claimed. Strangely this therapist is no where to be found. Anyone noticed 10 yrs ago, there wasn't warnings labels about the possibilities of addiction? The bottom line I was told it was a miracle drug for ADHD. Its been 10 yrs now and I dropped college , basically isolated myself. I think adderall screwed up my life and allot of my other friends that i got addicted. I think the pharmaceutical companies need to step forward and offer free treatment after lying to so many people. Its the least they can do instead of getting more people addicted to these "miracle drugs". Personally I dint think their is such a thing as ADHD, if there is , why aren't other teenagers taking it around the world like the United states ?

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actually, other teens around the world are taking adderall. in fact, recent studies have shown that the practice of medicating adhd kids has is becoming a popular practice in all developed countries.

when i say i hate learning things the hard way i meen life lessons when someone is being "hard-headed" or stuborn. i much rather take advice than experience this myself

i just begun taking adderall and it's been great so far honestly im also in college and hate learning things the hard way so if anyone can give me any advice on or better yet explain to me what they hate so much about it it would be greatly appreciated.

I do agree with you.....I've been on it for about 7-8 years now. Tried numerous times to get off of it.<br />
same thing, in college a phsyciatrist told me I was a "clean cut case" and put me on 20 mg 2-3 times a day. At one point with partying and everything I was up to 3 30's a day!!!<br />
Since then I've been on a consistent 60 a day.<br />
I do not think this is healthy for me, but the fear of life without it always held me back from quitting.<br />
It's allowed me to do a lot of things I wouldn't normally be able to do!<br />
But I feel in a way it's held me back so much! <br />
I wouldn't say I'm depressed, but I always have this irritated, unsatisfied feeling day to day, and this yearning to be happy. I've never felt so content and uncontent at the same time! it's insane!<br />
I have to find out options on how to get off of this, because it is a huge part of my life, too much. I am completely dependant on it. It makes me want to drink at night, I can't just chill an go to bed, I've lost jobs cause I can't handle getting up in the morning everyday, cause I tried to do too much the day before!<br />
I'm like spinning wheels here AND I'M done with that!<br />
I need to find out a way to do it, I wish there was something else that made you feel good but didn't have all these side effects. It helps me focus and get a lot done, but sometimes I'm so sped up I can't sit and just do what I need to do, so I'll just start partying.<br />
It's crazy, I really need help, and I am too smart an strong and talented to keep this up.<br />
Any suggestions?<br />
It's pointless, but I feel as if I need a substitute instead of just having it taken away from me, it's always been there for me and I"ve always had it.......but I am just realizing how I am not truly happy and healthy like this!<br />
It is a controlled substance and its sometimes controlling my life, and I do not like where my life is......<br />
I don't wanna be on anti depressants cause they make me super numb and it's weird. But I like having a pill to take....<br />
so hard for me to even say all this because I consider myself very strong, and I have to swallow me pride for this one.<br />

Amen, friend.<br />
I sympathize with you.<br />
Even though my adderall addiction is still quite recent,<br />
I have already gotten a taste of the miserable life it could bring to me.<br />
I think you're right about the pharmaceutical companies.<br />
I also think that doctors need to be a lot stricter about diagnoses,<br />
As well as thoroughly monitor their patient's progression.<br />
So many lives have been ruined, and will be ruined, because of carelessness.