Very Bad Experience Wt Adderall

I've only done it one time, I snorted 1 line at this guys house. That was 3 days ago, and I'm still coming down, and very freaked out. I can't sleep because this guy had bed bugs in his rat hole, and I am still wired. Either that or I'm hallucinating the bites, and itchy welts. After I tried it, I became extremely nauseous, and my stomach is still barely settling. Different people react differently of course to this drug, but I really had a bad time. It took 3 days, but even after the bad experience I had, occasionally the thought comes to me to do it again. This is the first time I have verbalized that, and that really scares me. I am beginning to think, that it may not have even been Adderall, and it was a trick to get me hooked on something worse. If anyone, out there has had, a similar experience, please tell me what you did too eventually feel better, both physically, and mentally.
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4 Responses May 20, 2012

Possibly, but I didn't have an instant high from it. My symptoms in retrospect, were very similar to those of Adderall. Nausea was the number one symptom, but I also experienced a little reduced social anxiety, and greater attention, days later. Addderal is prescribed for those two reasons, and snorting it can cause intense nausea. Now, I no longer have any desire to do it again, and that idiot is finally out of my life.

Could the line you snorted be laced with Meth? It could be possible.

Oh yeah, I confessed my terrible experience to my doctor. I have a traumatic brain injury, and I learned from my physician that Adderal is a medication used to treat social anxiety disorder, and brain injury. The funny thing was my doctor seemed to be more interested in if it had any positive effects, rather then being angry. It was almost like, he was ready to pull out his RX pad. I should mention that I had a terrible brain injury, about 16 years ago. I spent the 3 nauseated days, very motivated, and less afraid to talk wt others. Still it had such a scary experience, when I abused it, it will probably be a long time, before I ever ask him for presc<x>ription.

I finally feel better. I drank some basil tea, for the nausea. It took hours to finish a cup, but it finally worked. If this experience taught me anything, it is to stay away from that loser. He phoned me, when I was still coming down, and I told him if he contacts me again, I will report his home to the authorities. A minute later, I received a call from his landlord, who was irate. I calmly said, that I have no intentions, of calling the police, as long as that person, does not contact me again. The landlord calmed down really fast, and told me, he was going to have a long discussion wt the person, and that he would never contact me again. So if I gained anything from this horrible experience, it is more wisdom and insight.