I have done my best lately to limit my access to my bottle, by turning it over the second I got them. I always keep a small stash to have one or two days of efficiency. I keep about 45 or so 20mgs to myself, and take them until they are gone. Usually two at a time, sometimes 3. Always dosing again within the hour. I started hallucinating at first from days without sleep, or food. Always happened at night, and usually when I mixed it with a depressant. I would be sitting outside smoking and could see and feel everything around me moving. This was more euphoric but, then the more my resistance built up, the more days I could stay up, the less (none) food I had eaten, my hallucinations were off the ******* hook. Intense auditory hallucinations, clear voices I heard and were convinced it was people in my apartment building back in San Francisco. This went on for days, and it turned in to some messed up ****. I would literally and clearly hear a hostage situation, I could feel the voices reverberating through the walls. I always tried to get my roommate to listen, and he thought I was nuts. I hadn't experienced this before so intensely. My paranoia was so bad, I was afraid to leave the apartment, afraid to even have the blinds open. I called the COPS one night, someone you never ever call if your trying to lay low. Anything and everything I heard, I felt was a conspiracy against myself. Raccoons in the backyard, people in the trees, people in the garage. None if it ever happened! It doesn't happen every time, but what the ****? Does anyone else experience this? The kicker of it all, I was so blown away and frankly impressed with my days of consistent hallucinations I forget people are terrified when they hear this. I told my best friend very casually one night, and things have been very different since.
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I feel you. Theres 3 people dancing to this music in the corner but they arent really there. Blink harder and drink more water to make them go away.

When i first abused adderall a few years ago, i would take it just to see how long i could stay awake. I ended up going for about 3 nights or more with no sleep and little food. I had no idea i could/would hallucinate. And hallucinate i did.
I also was paranoid as hell. I thought every car was a cop. I was hiding out in my house looking out the windows because i was convinced there was a gang outside trying to kill me. I actually began talking to people that weren't there. I truly 100% believed that there was about 5 or 6 of my friends over when no one was actually there. I guess i fell asleep for a minute or two sitting up, and when i opened my eyes i had a knife in my hand. Talk about insane. Totally dangerous. That's why in my recent years of abuse, i made sure i never went over a day without sleep. I am so scared of the hallucinations now. The most i've had recently was accidental. I had a total of 7 hours of sleep within two days, and at the end of the second night i started hearing my name called, but no one was around. And while i was driving home form work i was seeing people in the road that weren't there. Needless to say, i took nyquil and went to bed right away when i got home.
Be careful with messing your sleep pattern up. Some people will be able to recover from the experience, but it is possible to mess yourself up indefinitely.

Oh Jesus, that is ****** up, but it makes me feel so much better. I haven't heard a lot of people talk about hallucinations with adderall before. I had a crazy hallucination that there was a crazy woman loose in San Francisco on the street we lived on. I could hear her screaming, and singing, and at one point I swear to god I thought she was outside my house, then in my garage singing, then in my living room. That shouldn't happen. Thanks for sharing, I wish more people would!

My pleasure. I certainly can relate. I was living in an alternate reality. It was scary. I became VERY angry when i was lacking sleep. I was a completely different person. I got very irritated when my boyfriend looked at me wrong or tried to touch me. I screamed at him to keep his hands off me! And then when he got mad, i was like "Why are you mad?" Honestly not realizing how ****** up i was acting. I to this day fear looking into the shadows/darkness when i am high, because i am afraid of what images my mind will create.
Plus, i couldn't even keep my crazyness a secret since i believed that the **** i was seeing was real! So my friends were all weirded out by me. I would ask them if they heard this or that, or if they realized we were being chased my the police. Crazy ****. I even flushed like 20 of my pills because i was convinced the police were going to raid my room.