Know This Feeling?

I have only 60 mgs left, its only 5:30 in the morning, I haven't slept in days, I cant be around people
and I'm starving!!! Do I save the 60 I have left for a rainy day? Duh, right? It's bed time and I've had my fun. But I have zero control. and I'm thinking I'll take the entire 60 at once, call in sick to work, and ride out the last few hours until next month. Next month will be different, I always tell myself that, but it has to be this time. Ever think about supplementing with crystal when you run out? My brain is total mush right now, my thoughts and actions are totally weird and nonsensical. It makes me over analyze my interactions with people the last few days, and makes me paranoid and self conscious. I wish I could live in my little adderall bubble without the judgements. :( I wish I didn't have a total adderall face right now.
misspennyLn misspennyLn
22-25, F
3 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Totally relate to and understand this post...took an a&& load of adderall today...dosed at 4pm during a crash with a big waste of 40mg... which of course did nothing but prolong the inevitable misery I am feeling right now. Hoping that this is behind you at least for today...and that you're not feeling the way I am now. Keep ur head up.

I'd advise that you don't take the rest of it. Just crash it out now. You're feeling like **** now, but if you take more you will feel that much worse. Plus, whenever i am lacking in sleep and abusing adderall, things tend to get intense real fast. And not the good kind.
Also, please don't actually turn to meth. That's a death wish. Adderall is hard enough to quit, but meth...that's a whole other ball game.
I understand how you feel though, i do. And i too tell myself things will be different every month when i run out.

Yes I know the feeling though my current & only addiction is crack cocaine. Yea I don't want to be around people either short fuse just stay home melancholoy unraveling of reason & emotions dementia.