I'm Off It, And I Plan To Stay Off.

Plan being key word, I've been addicted to 'legal meth' since I was prescribed it freshmen year and a friend told me it "got you high" this drug literally ran my life, every day was chasing the drug, taking a **** load, and repeat. It's truly an empty road I never want to return to but I miss being skinny ago much. I miss being social and feeling beautiful. I'm happy now, but the luster still shines in my rear view.. This drug is horribly addictive and I hope I can stay off of it for my son. (I'm currently pregnant) this drug made me a terrible person I am ashamed of today. If you are currently taking it stopping will benefit you in SO many ways if you just give it a chance..
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why dont you ask your dr to switch you to Synaptol?? It gives you the same lift but it dont addict you...

Im really sorry to hear that, but with all due respect, i think youre wrong (KNOW youre wrong) about how severe ADHD is how it affects how you get addicted.....

Ive had it all my life. ALL MY LIFE and i cant keep focused from one minute to the next, even online, if im on a site typing and a popup occurs, i totally forget where i am and get engrossed in the pop up or if im putting away clothes , i stay in the room and start opening drawers, etc and start cleaning, or doin dishes or laundery or while trying to work. Its NOT the severness of the ADHD, mine is as severe as you can get , its WILLPOWER to change, you have that will every single aspect of your life..not just breaking off of addicting meds.....

Okay whatever, your not getting what I'm trying to explain so I'm not going to try to explain it anymore.

what did adderol do to you to make you feel like you were a terrible person?
Im curious
i know it runs my daughters fiance, and has for 7 years that ive known him, but i also take it and i take it prn - my dr gives me 2 rx each visit and most times i only get one filled.....
How did you let this take over your life? What did it make you feel like?
I know my sil begs me for it because he so overdoes it. i dont give in to him though

Well first off it reacts differently for people who aren't severely ADHD. It affects people like meth does, it's an upper and it makes you want more and more and more. It's hard to explain but it was the BEST feeling to me.

I hear ya. I am a mom of 2 and I JUST today found my adderall bottle (half full) from when I stopped last time during a desperate binge and hid it from myself.....welp I took it today. I am sitting here w a racing heart regretting my decision....but craving that happiness and clarity it gives me....loving the fact that I know I will lose weight again. ...but all the while knowing I HAVE TO STOP. My kids need me back. How could I do this to them!!!! Ugh. Stay strong....you can do this. We both can.

Yes. We both can do this!! Gosh im so sorry I can definitely feel your pain, once it's in front of my everything else just fades out and it's just me and those pills. If it were my I'd be on a binge until the bottle was gone, but after that if your really serious about it, you should red flag your medical records so no one will prescribe it to you again. I'm seriously considering doing that! I just can't see myself actually going through with it...

I knowwww!!!! Same here, I just can't bring myself to do it! I went on a ONE DAY break and slept for most of it. I told myself it was bc I was quitting...but really it was bc of tolerance! And of course today 60mg this a.m and not even as much as a racing heart!!!!! Its just not worth it...and I know that but I cannot stop!!!! :( kids are away for the weekend and I can't do anything but lie in bed wanting to swallow the rest of my damn adderall! SAD! Hang in there girl!

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