Not Just Adderall

I am new to this site so I dont know how everything works. I wonder if I am older than most here...Anywhoooo..... Isnt
Adderall great????!!!! My daughter gets this for adhd but i take it. I have been addicted to any kind of speed since I was very young. However its slowly tearing apart my life and when I run out it feels like then end of the world. I count down the days till I can get her next refill. I cant seem to stop using. I am worried about my hubby finding out. He knows I take them sometimes, but I take them everyday if avaliable. Ok thats all for now

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6 Responses Nov 7, 2008

Dude thats bad. You wrote this a long time ago so i hope you are better.

i understand how you fell, im in the same boat and i think i might need rehab

i feel your pain!! its a vicious cycle. only if life didnt suck so bad w/o it! i dont feel like doing **** when i dont have them. i get so irritable and have little to no patience. its been a struggle for me but im planning my own intervention. if i succeed ill let u know how i did it.

I know what your talking about. Sounds like you still have a love hate relationship with it. The love part will leave soon enough. I'm hopelessly hooked. I'm stuck on repeat, telling myself that its got to stop. Wondering how it will. I guess with a heart attack or something.

If you have never used adderall or any other type of meth like drug, then you have no clue what the hold is like. I am not a college student. I am a mother of 3 with a large work load.

Your story reminds me of the people I knew in college who would party and drink everyday of the week, except for the night before a test they'd take Adderall so that they'd be able to cram and pull off A's. <br />
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Save them for your daughter. You're not being fair to her by taking the pills that she needs.