My Downfall

i am a 22 yr old mother of a 16 month old beautiful little girl. ive have a husband, my own place & a job that i love. sounds good huh?? everything would be, if i didnt have a problem with adderall. or should i say both me and my husband. things have changed quite a bit over the last few years due to adderall. my life is slowly falling a part right in front of my face & its like i cant stop it. i know what i have to do but its almost like my husband is holding me back. ill be doing ok w/o my pills until he starts bitching about not having any. as soon as he mentions it i am on the phone & making plans knowing we dont have the money. its like i really cant stop myself. i feel like a complete idiot once ive gotten them. i hate this drug but i absolutly love it at the same time. the point is that my marriage is close to being over and b/c i stay up real late i am constantly late to work. not to mention i have a daughter that needs me. i feel like i have let my baby girl down in so many ways. it breaks my heart to look at her when im all jammed up. shes so innocent and precious & deserves nothing but the best. i just dont know what to do anymore. i cant go to rehab cuz ill lose everything i have. i need some advice and guidence on how to stop w/o rehab. i have quit b4 and i know i can do it again. i need to know im not alone. any help would be good.

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2 Responses Jan 20, 2009

sweetie i feel u 100% believe me! i'm 25 and have NEVER been hooked on anything like i am on adderall! best thing i can say is just quit when ur READY and just really stay committed to it and if ur ever wanna chat hit me up sometime ill send u my info.

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My story will make u shake will make u run from adderral. Let me
Put it like this I am mother of 3 children with 3 grandchildren. Married to a state trooper and at the time worked for my parish (county) sheriff's department. Yes I was a commissioned deputy. Was
Also doing adderall with my 26 yr old daughter. You can't imagine how twisted my life was . How
Long I had deceived my family. Makes
And scared I feel when
Think about it . Someone
Wants to hear. Let
Me know. It takes
To tell but would
To share . One more thing.. I am clean clean clean and
Happy happy now !'