I Was Addicted

i dont know the exact dose i used to take i got them from a kid who had a crush on me. they were large orangish yello time release capsuls. i started off just  taking 2-3 a every other day they helped me in school. then my doses increased i rarely ate i slept less and less i was eventually taking about 14-16 adderall a day. i finally got caught by my parents and i had to stop taking them plus the guy who gave them to me got a new crush and stopped supplying. i still remember what it felt like. it was such a rush everything was more intresting. i couldnt go through a normal day without adderall. i felt destroyed when i had to stop taking them i still get my hands on them now and then and god i love the feeling so much it scares me. i dont want to go back to being addicted to them. but if i had a regular supply coming in i dont think i could resist. i remember i had run out of adderall and somone offerd me riddeline a dollar a pill i bought about 20 i didnt know the dosage and they werent time released. i was such an idiot. i was expecting then to act quick like the time released ones and when they didnt i kept taking more and more untill i had taken them all when i saw the pearson who had sold them to me later i told him they werent working. he laughed and said"there not time released youll start freaking out in about 2 hours". and i did i thought i was going to die i didnt sleep for two days those pills were more powerful than my normal ones and i almost O.d. but that didnt stop me

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3 Responses Feb 26, 2009

I am too. :( and it just totally sucks. I got them for my child, and tried them. I am an ex meth addict, and now, i dont know what to do about this new addiction. Im a mom, im an employee, i have a career, a house, .... and a secret that just might kill me.

its a prescription drug for add that is widely abused by young people to help study loose wight or just feel good

what is this aderal???