We all know how flat out f****** amazing adderall can be, it seems like it makes anything & everything better and never leaves you saying "I don't wanna do any adderall if I have to do this". That's where my problem lies. I have been prescribed adderall since 2012 summer, and even though it did help me greatly for focusing in class (when I could find some) I thought why the hell not just give it a shot and tell my doc I have problems concentrating in school, it can't hurt to try right? So at the end of a routine appointment I said those 6 words to him and nothing more; he asked me if I'm the kind of person who can read a book and remember most of what went on or if I forget it right away, I said forget, and within 5 mins later I'm walking out the door with a script for 30 20mg adderall XRs. I have a follow up for this in 1 month, where I re up to 25mg, then next month I'm up to 60 2mg caps per month, where I am pretty disciplined on taking the dosage correctly for the next year. Then all of a sudden I get a job I loved where my co workers quickly became the ones if spend all my time with, I felt adderall and my job went hand in hand so I began taking more and more each day staying up and slowly having everything revolve around it. I lived with my best friend since grade school but almost overnight I felt like we weren't seeing eye to eye anymore. Were still friends but I started putting **** that was not important at all above things we'd always do in the past like play pick up bball, fishin etc. Instead I wanted to work on my car and come up with how to make everything in sight as useful as possible, while smoking Newport Red 100s like they were zig zags. Fast forward this a lil to where I find myself dropped outta school bc I put working above it, then get fired because I kept crashing right before a shift would start since I've been up for a week at the time. I end up needing to move back home and I can't stand how I let myself get like this and I truly do want to stop adderall because I'm coming to terms with the fact that even the comedowns (and there have been ALOT) of a 5-6-7 day addy binge aren't enough to scare me straight into taking it like I should. I hate that more than anything and I hate putting my family thru everything but still if I have any on me, it doesn't matter I'll just basically keep doing them till they're all gone and can't ever save any at least anymore. I need help/advice on what I can do...any other meds like vyvanse work well to substitute for the adderall, or what I can do to keep myself in a positive mood when I normally wouldn't feel like getting outta bed unless I had some?? To anyone reading this rant - and I apologize if it's a lil all over the place, I'm not good at expressing my thoughts via text as much as I am speaking them - I GREATLY GREATLY appreciate giving me the time of day, and to anyone out there who posts something similar to mine just know that you just might have given someone hope/that extra motivation they needed!
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I have ADD and was prescribed vyvance and then adderal. I also have bi polar disorder. My doctor wasn't really paying attention to how the medications were interacting with one another. Also, you can't really give your doctor the minute by minute play by play on how your acting. Anyway, the imbalance threw me into a manic phase and I checked myself into a hospital for 3 weeks. End result, I'll figure out how to cope with ADD without drugs. That stuff is serious. Seriously bad for you. Seriously addictive. Why has our culture become so comfortable with taking pills to solve our problems. It's so easy, but it's not.

Hi. I can relate to this sooo much, you don't even know. My addiction has turned my life into a series of repetitive thoughts and motions: Binge on adderall, crash HARD, convince myself I never want to feel that depressed again nd stop for the rest of the week(norm 5 days), gain a bunch of weight/do absolutely nothing but slug around, get sick of slugging, binge again. I am currently trying to lower my dosage each time so that I can stop without the severe withdrawal symptoms. Then, if you really do need it, after a pretty long break, you can normally take a LOW dose. If you search quittingadderall.com, it explains what vitamins and nutritional needs will help with adderall withdrawal. We can get through this together