Book Obsession

I'm addicted to books, yet it's more like an obsession. It all started when me and my mom weren't on good terms, so she put me on punishment and like any other parent, she took away my TV and my computer but not my phone or my ipad, I was so angry and started downloading apps. book apps with a lot of long 200 to 500 page interesting books. I read one book and started to get fascinated, my imagination running wild and I read the long book in a day. I started to get even more fascinated and started to read a book a day. I got to reading a total of 40 books in 40 days and Im not kidding. 
You know the sayin' 'I read to my eyes started to hurt' that isn't entirely true for me, I guess my head is differently programed because when I don't read my eyes start to hurt and i get horrible headaches that I can't get rid of unless I read. I feel empty inside without a book. I feel as if I might die if I don't read, a  little melodramatic, I know. Books are the only thing I really love in this world. I would start reading a book at 10 pm and loose track of time and when I finish I would be all satisfied and then I would get ready for bed only to find out that it was already day time. I definitely do not know what to do. Sure it's not drugs, alcohol, or even sex like other people my age. I read any and everything and no i don't want to stop reading but I do want to cut down a little. i hate the way I feel when I'm not reading, I'm not in a good mood and I am in some physical pain. Books are my escape, when I start reading, I am so happy and I just cant wait to finish but when I finish, I get a little upset because I want the story to go on.When I'm in school, I finish my work really fast and my teacher tells me that I can read for the rest of the period which make me all ecstatic inside. Reading is like my Aspirin, I have to read before I get a headache or to get rid of my headache. I have a problem and like I said I don't want to get completely rid of it, I just want to tone it down before I go crazy, If I don't read a book a day, I just might.
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As you stand now, so once was I...

A book a day is pretty good, actually. If you still speak to others, you don't really have a problem. It's like those hoarders. Having one cat is fine. Two cats, also good. Twenty cats? Not so much. You are still at that 'two cat' stage. It doesn't take over your life, you speak to others, you still go out and do things, you are good. When it takes over your life and you can't do anything else but read, THEN you have a problem.
If you still want to stop, a good method would be to set an alarm on your phone. Every time the alarm goes off, get up and do something else. Go running, take a bike ride, go to the mall with your friends, take up knitting. After an hour, if you still feel that urge, go back to reading. For the headaches, drink a soda. They have caffeine, which actually helps reduce pain.
Either way, good luck. I wish you light and happiness.

I am at the same age as you are and I can totally get what you are saying. The begging was when I dowload an app for my phone and then I kept dowloading books and now I can read a big book in english (which is not my native language) in a day. When I am not reading I keep thinking of it, I have neglected even my school and i am a really good student. I am extreamly happy to read but when it does finish I am in a horrible mood because i want the story to go on and i keep seeing dreams about the book I read which means that i heven't slept well for a long time. I really don't want to stop reading but I want to reduce it so if you find a way then post it....