Yes I Love Books

I have probably had enough books to open a small bookstore in my short life time. Books have been my way to escape. Characters leap off the page and have been great teachers. I have learned many things from my books. My life has been opened to different lifestyles and walks of life I would have never knew existed, unless I had read about it in a book.

My mother passed reading to me and I remember that she was an avid reader of romance. Bodice Rippers, actually. I use to sneak and take one or two, wow. What an eye opener for this younger teenage girl. I could not get enough, I would read everything she had. Then I figured out, hey I check these out myself from the local library. I had the local satellite and the main branch to fuel my need to read about these sexy hero's. As I got older, I wanted more.

Because my mother always had a book, I always had a book. My children have also picked up on this wonderful gift. They all love to read. They have won many awards for high achievers in reading. This makes me proud as a mom. If you can read, read at a higher than average level, you will do many things in life.

Thanks Mom for giving me the gift of reading, Yes it was Bodice Rippers, but it was reading.
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2 Responses May 3, 2012

I`d remember u for sure !!!

U sure, we`re not related? My mom read a book every other day, she loved Robert Patterson, & I loved Stephan King & Dean Koontz.