Books Have Taken Over My Life

I first discovered that I loved to read in the 8th grade. I found that it was a really excellent way of escaping and taking a break. However as the years went by my love for books has taken a turn for the worst. There is almost never a time where I'm not reading. I wake up reading and I go to sleep reading. I NEVER leave the house without a book, even when I'm going out with my friends I feel the need to bring a book. Its like once I start a book I cant stop until its finished. In fact if I don't finish it then I spend most of my time obsessing over it. It has become so bad that I find myself making time for my homework instead of it being the other way around. In spite of that I have still managed to make decent grades however I know I'm not reaching my full potential because I'm so focused on my books. Don't get me wrong I don't want to stop reading books I just really want to cut back some.
CatreaDanielle CatreaDanielle
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

I am obsessed with books so much that I was considered a reading legend so much that once my English teacher asked me if I had read a book and I said I hadn't the class gasped! Yeah apparently they think I've read every book in existence. In fact my long time friend Gage came up with a joke about it. "If Mark hasn't read it no one has."
In fact I'm a very fast reader as well and people were amazed by how fast I could read. I could start a 150 something page book at the start of the day and finish it by the end of the day. Yeah... I'm addicted to books.