The Stress Monster

So today is my first day back for spring semester and already I'm stressed and maybe even a little nervous. Two things that I should never be considering the consequences of both. I didn't think that I was as stressed as I was but obviously my body does. My senior year of high school towards the end of the year I had a lot of major events to plan for. There was prom, graduation, and my senior presentation and grad plan. I didn't realize how stressed I was until my entire body broke out in hives. When I say my whole entire body I mean my ENTIRE body. So when I went to the doctor looking a hot mess and thinking that my life was over I was told that it was my body reacting to stress. That being said, I am 99.9% sure that I'm breaking out in hives again right now and I don't even have my medication for it with me FML. Why can't I be one if those girls who lose weight when they're stressed? Some people just have all the luck.
CatreaDanielle CatreaDanielle
18-21, F
Jan 15, 2013