Addicted To Caffeine Pills . :(

Hello Everyone!
Well, today I feel like a big pile of poop. LOL My daughter gave me her cough/cold. I defiantly need the extra help to wake up.

Anyway my confession is this. I usually like to save time and money so I only occasionally drink coffee and stick to a caffeine pill.

I realize that caffeine only last in our body's for about 6 hours so I plan at least twice a day. Not too close to my bedtime or I don't sleep.

Problems are I take caffeine pills. I usually cut them in half and sometimes even cut the half in half depending on the sleep that I received for that night.

If my neighbor keeps me up or I'm up half of the night thinking about stuff I'll pop the pills even more so than usual.

I take them like this. I cut them in half with a pill cutter and sometimes cut the half and half at around 5-6AM depending on my sleep. Then at around 1-2PM I do the same again.

I take them with me in my purse and keep some here at home. If I don't have them I go insane. I will make my poor husband stop for coffee while on the road because i need something.

Now I know that it doesn't seem like a lot if I cut the half in half and do that twice a day(sometimes I can't lie I'll do that 3 times a day. Sometimes.)
However, it's so hard for me to stop. I'll stop. I go through the agony of withdrawal. Headaches, extreme fatigue, and moody. VERY moody. Oh the headaches are terrible too. you almost feel lethargic. I go through that for a week. i finally feel much better until.......My neighbor has a party,one of my kids get sick,or I'm up half the night worrying about something.

Then it's back to caffeine again.
The feeling is GREAT. I WON'T lie I love it. It puts me in a VERY good mood.
Than I've started over with this addiction as fast as I can kick it.
Not fun. :(
I wish that I could stop.

I make the excuse that "I'm a Mom that needs to drive my kids around to school and back"(my oldest is in Kindergarten :) and I'm so proud of her!)
I make the excuse that it makes me a better Mom because I have more energy to do things that i might not be able to do due to lack of sleep.
I don't know. If I take a "sleeping pill" I'll be addicted to that too. :P
Can't win. :P
Why oh why doesn't my spell check pick up on the most simple words :P Why can't I pick up on the most simple of words :P
OK The end.
Any advice thoughts and or comments???

PS Any "cyber bullying" comments WILL be deleted. Thanks. :)

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OH and my Mom and mother in Law always offer me coffee at their houses. i have a hard time saying no to that too.

Also I forgot to mention that a caffeine "crash" is NEVER fun. For those of you who have a caffeine addiction you know what I mean.