Not Into Coffee, But I'm Still Addicted to Caffeine.

Hello Everyone,

I am on this group because I am addicted to caffeine. But I don't like the taste of Coffee. To me any form or flavor of Coffee Tastes bland. The only time that I did really did like coffee was at a vending machine at one of the Colleges that I have attended. That had more of a vanilla flavor than most vanilla coffee.

My addiction to caffeine is Pop. More specifically Diet Coke or Pepsi. And that includes Diet Pepsi with Lime in it.

I also love herbal tea.

So, my challenge is not to drink too much Diet pop. I am wondering if there are others out there that don't like the taste of coffee but are into other forms of caffeine.

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yes, I take caffeine pills. I'm addicted to them.

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Someone suggested to me to drink Green Tea in the Morning. It does have caffeine, but I don't think that it has enough caffeine as Pop and Coffee. And by the way, I did drink some Diet Pepsi today. I was bored and had nothing to do before going to counselling.

I was a Dr. Pepper addict from age 13 on. A few years ago, I decided I needed to be ingesting something healthier; so, I switched from DP to Sprite in an attempt to cut out caffeine. Yeah... didn't work long. I drink sweet tea now. LOL I love coffee, when fixed right... the bitchy belly, however, loathes it. So, when I do drink it, it's more like a lil coffee with mass amounts of flavored creamer & sweetener. You'd probably like mine! ;)

Finally someone who is a caffeined addict, and don't drink coffee!

Currently it's Pepsi zero carb, but I've been taking caffeine tablets when I don't have time for anything else, for years. None within 4 hours of bed, and not more than 500mg a day.