No Soda Or Energy Drinks.. Just Coffee, Please.

I'm about to head into the kitchen for my second cup of coffee since I awoke today, as I normally do when I wake here at home. It's become a ritual to have at least two cups a day in the afternoon, and sometimes a third near the end of my work shifts. For sure, I'm addicted to caffeine, but still feeling it's same old effects every time I have a cup.. still delivers the needed energy whilst brightening the world around me. Seriously, coffee boosts my mood like most wouldn't even believe. Brings out inspiration and motivation that I am otherwise unfamiliar with!

And yeah, I'm not a fan of soda pop or energy drinks these days.. you won't find me drinking either. Even iced coffee is lacking in my opinion to it's warm counterpart. And while tea is nice if you're looking for something light, it's just not even the same in the least bit - when it comes to caffeine content or taste alike. But mm, the mere smell of some hot coffee can perk me up.. definitely a comforting aroma.
wtfwolf wtfwolf
18-21, M
Feb 22, 2010