I Wonder How Much Wax I Swallow In a Year?

There was an article in the paper the other day about chapstick truly becoming an addiction. This couldn't possibly be me...

I only keep two tubes in my backpack, one in my bathroom, one in each of my purses, three in my room, two in my car, and two in my gym bag. I also have a bag with 30 more tubes that were given to me as a gag gift. Ah yes, and I've been known to turn back home on the road if I have some how managed to forget any of the afore-mentioned tubes.

eeek... ?
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2 Responses Dec 25, 2007

Tell me about it. I start panicking if I realize I've forgotten some and can't turn back. <br />
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I will very shamefully admit that after realizing I'd forgotten my chapstick, I once used olive oil at a restaurant to quell the vicious bite of the vice that had my lips going through withdrawal.

I, too, constantly use Chapstick. I must be addicted; if I run out I'm very anxious and have run out to the store.