Chapatick Withdrawal - Breaking the Habit

As all of you must have done, at one time or another, was to break the chapstick cycle.

For people that don't get this, I know that this seems weird, but your lips do produce their own moisture, and when you supplement the moisture with chapstick, your lips do not continue to produce this moisture.

I tried to go without chapstick for ONE day -- couldn't do it.  I thought I was crazy - but I'm not.

After speaking to a doctor on this - he says to really break this cycle, you have to keep from using ANYTHING on the lips for 2 weeks in order for the moisture balance to become restored.

Not for me! No Way!!! If I don't use chapstick, it feels like my lips will actually tear apart - ouch! 




MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72
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5 Responses Nov 8, 2008

I always use chapstick. Even if I wear lipstick, chapstick is first!

i use chapstick but always have to have something in the winter.

Wow, now I know what's wrong with my lips! I was kind of wondering if something like this could happen. I don't think I'm ever going to break the cycle.

It's true - my lips do hurt when I don't use chapstick.

I totally understand. I am addicted to Blistex and American Girl and Burts Bee's and Softlips chapstick. My overall favourites are the Burst Bee's and the softlips. i put on the softlips for extra mosture and then the Burts bees for colour and the peppermint oil feel. IM IN LOVE WITH THEM