Ice Addiction!

It's like I literally can't stop!

Anytime I go to the kitchen, I open the freezer, and grab ice.

Better than being addicted to meth, I suppose.




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5 Responses Jun 23, 2009

I'm addicted to chewing ice so much that I sit in front of a heater while chewing it to stay warm and burn my legs in the process. I can eat five pounds a day easy. My stomach cramps when I don't eat ice. I'm always cold, even when it's hot. I want to stop, but I love it. I know I'm sick.

I chew almost a bag a day. I try not to but I cannot quit. I feel like my teeth are dirty if I don't chew. Does this mean I'm a liitle crazy?

Yeah, I know. I'm anemic. Still love it though. The condition of chewing ice is called pica.

I was addicted to ice during both of my pregnancies. I will still crunch on it every now and then, but it was at it's worst then. I LOVE the little rabbit pellet ice, it's so much easier on the teeth and is the perfect texture when it crunches! And yes, it is a hell of a lot better than being addicted to meth, lol.

oooh i now what you mean. chewy squeakyness! well! at least you cant put on weight from it can you :)