Yes, I am hopelessly addicted to cigarettes and I hate it. I started smoking when I was 15, and now, more than 20 years later, I'm still puffing on.  I gave it up when I was pregnant, but started up again when my baby was 8 weeks old. I have given it up for a week or two here and there over the years, but I can't stand the psycho person I become when going through withdrawl.
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1 Response Dec 30, 2006

I can really relate to becoming a complete psycho when trying to quit and suffering the painful withdrawal. I will say you should not be ashamed to be a hopelessly addicted smoke though. I find woman who smoke to be extremely attractive and those that don't like woman who smoke don't understand how much the withdrawal hurts. I know because I literally had to quit 8 months ago. My orthodontists said she would allow me to smoke with my invisalign. So I started wearing patches to keep a shred of sanity and comfort. I literally spend probably at least a 4th of every single day completely desperate to smoke again. It is very hard. My first 6 months were pure agony because my nicotine fits were constant all day every day even with the patches on. I did find shortly after I quit and just could not handle the withdrawal that if I wore 2 patches a day I would be able to tolerate the craving better. I will be in the braces for another 2-3 years according to my orthodontist and she said if I start smoking again she would end the treatment as it would stain them in a nasty permanent way. It is a very uncomfortable struggle everyday to stay away from smoking especially with the usually 2+ hour long nicotine fits first thing in the morning. You would think it would have gone away by now but for some of us it will never leave. I was told by a nurse who smokes that I would probably feel the physical and mental affects of the withdrawal for basically the rest of my life. She said the fits never really go away for the hopeless addicted smokers but they just get used to having them and getting through them without smoking again.