A Fridge Pack A Day Keeps Originalbp At Bay!!!

Ohhh!! I have to get at least a fridge pack a day. If I don't I get cranky, emotional, bad tempered... You really would not want to be around me!!! My Dad hates that I drink so much because he's, like, a health freak and it costs so much... I tried to give it up but I couldn't... It's just soooo beautiful!!! xxx xxx xxx
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3 Responses Jul 2, 2011

I feel the same way

Have you ever tried Mexican Coca Cola - literally imported from MX? For some reason, that is HUGE here in Texas - especially at the Mexican restaurants. I haven't had one yet but apparently they are loaded up with sugar - even moreso than the standard Coke.

You might eventually be able to give it up, I'm working on it. Its terrible, and awful for you. I still feel like I want to drink it every day though, and Coke ads are every where!! I try not buying it when I'm out and then drink a bottle of water instead. But yeah, the caffeine withdrawal can make ya cranky as hell.. so just don't buy as much of it at a time and that way you are forced to cut back somewhat... unless you want to head to the store once you are out and the craving hits.. but with time the addiction will back off some what...<br />
Coke sucks for being so addictive!! <br />
<br />
Making me want one though! :S