Addicted to Coke a Cola

I drink coke all day and all night.  I am totally addicted.  I cant eat if i dont have a coke. I will drive miles to get one if im out.  I am not usually out.  I get plenty when i go shopping.  I wish i could stop drinking it. I have tried so many times.  I dont like diet or coke zero only regular coke.  It is making me gain so much weight.  I have always been addicted to cola since i can remember.  I use to drink it and have a cigerate when i was a teen.  I dont smoke anymore,  havent in years but cant seem to stop drinking coke.  Im acutally drinking one now.  I know its bad for me but i cannot seem to stop. I wish i could stop.  Its like an alcohoic but im a cokaholic.  thanks for listening.  Sue

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Cola Makes My Heart Needed Alot Like Drugs I Cant Breath Without it if ididnt have One i Cant Controll Self My Heart Is Pushing Me Alot To Buying it i Drink The Family Size When I Be Angry It Charges Me With Alot Of Energey Running 1 mile to the school And I Dont Be Tired **** Like i Just Walked Two Steps And It Also Gave Me An Heart Attack I Was In Beirut Airport I Felt Really Bored So I Bhought A Pepsi Once I Drank it i taste It Taste Like Dirt Once i Finished it I Puke Then i Felt Something In My Breast Is hurting Me My Hands Are Shaking After I Puke Two Times I Felt Better Then I Traveled To Turkey

Coke actually makes me relax and also gets my brain into gear at school! Without it I'm so
Dozy and don't perform to the best of my ability and Drinking it puts me off eating buy I only drink diet so I don't pile on the pounds haha! But I do try my hardest to stop but soon as I have just 1 sip I'm back on I always think that 1 sip won't hurt but it always comes back to catch me anybody enlighten me why coke does so much good for me??

I'm not addicted to coke but my brother is. He will drink up to 10 2 or 3 litters a day! He has the same addiction just like any addict. He will drive far just to have a soda. He even has run credit at several Liquor stores and markets to support his habit. This has becomed out of hand and He denies he has a problem. He will steal, lie for soda. He can also smoke 4 packs of cigarettes a day. Also addicted to presc<x>ription pills. Did I say he also suffers from OCD?

i am so glad i am not the only one with this problem!!! i started drinking coke when i was pregnant 16 years ago and have been drinking it every day since...i drink anything up to 3 litres a day and cant go a day without even finding giving up smoking easier!!! My weight gain is definatly due to this adiction and i really want to give up drinking it tho the thought of me not drinking it ever again terrifies me. I didnt think it was possible to become so adicted to a product that is so easily available and its quite embarrassing to have this problem...i know i just have to stop drinking it but dont think i can!!! any advise from people who have stopped would be gratefully received. thankyou

Im 19 years old. I am also addicted to coca cola.i know its, bad for me because I cant lose my little bit of tummy. I get stomach cramps and mouth ulcers also. They hurt so mych. After reading all of these comments I realized that im not healthy because I driink too much coke. I,need to change this.

I too am addicted to coke, am 68 years old, but until I developed emphysema, didn't have a weight problem, I have gain 45 lbs, I have tried water, flavored, and it just doesn';t work for me. I don't have any idea how to quit, the sad part is I don't want to give them up.

I hate that I love Coca Cola so much! I know how bad it is for you, yet it doesn't stop me from drinking it. I can quit for like a month then one day will decide to have just a sip thinking, i've gone a month without it i can handle a sip and that's it, but then after the sip, it ends up tasting and feeling soooo good that i go crazy and end up drinking more in one week than I ever have. I typically have 3 to 4 12 oz cans a day. I've tried to stop bringing money to school with me so i just flat out wouldn't be able to buy one, but i get so tired and can't focus, not to mention the HORRIBLE headaches. I don't know what to do, I know most if not all my weight gain is from coca cola, and i also know that if i stop drinking it i could probably lose like 15 to 20 lbs this month. but it's so hard to get over the headaches and the cravings.. if anyone has any suggestions PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know..

I drink several tall glasses of coca cola everyday i hate every other soda, im only 13 and without the coke i get sever headaches even if im without it for a couple of hours i dont know what to do i get severe migraines and after one sip of coke the headache is practically gone, i even have to sneak a drink of it at school to keep from throwing up from the painful migraines its horrible.

im sixteen years old and i have been drinking coke since i was about i dont even remeber because my dad used to come round to my house most days with to big bottles and sweets. and ever since ive been drinking it. i know im addicted to it because if i dont have it i have this feeling were i just want to sceam and sometimes i cry when i dont have it. i drink it everyday i have loads of empty bottles in my room its mad i drink it every night even in the middle of the night and first thing in the morning i even suffer with the coniquences like i get mouth ulsers i get heaches and toothaches but i went to the dentise and they said my teeth are perfect i dont understand. I need to stop but i cant i will get stressed out and take it out on other people.

Thank GOD i'm NOT addicted to coka-cola! I have seen so many people become fat because of coca-cola! It's good, I admit, with pizza or chicken wings, but there nothing more pleasurable than feeling in shape and everything piece of clothing looking good on you. See it this way, a can of coke if just immediate gratification. Being in shape due to not having all that sugar is long term gratification. Long term gratification has always proven to make people happier in the long run. WISDOM!

I have the same problem. I can give it up in short bursts. <br />
"To this day, Coca-Cola uses a United States license to purify the coca leaf for medicinal use.[2]" This is from Wikipedia. I am convinced that, to some unfortunate few, this purified coca leaf contains just enough of whatever makes cocaine addictive to make us addicted to Coke BC it's not just craving caffeine (I crave Coke even when on No Doz) , sugar, or bubbles (I hate every other soda). I feel a seratonin rush with a chilled or lightly frozen can of Coke. Pure heaven. How do we know the leaf is addiction free? They got the license to patent in like the 1800s, right? What did they know about cocaine back then?<br />
Can we sue? :)

Same im 13 and addicted its soo hard to not have it

How are your teeth, Sue?

ive gotta say i have the same problem i used to drink 2 litres a teeth have suffered but can i stop. well actually i did for about five years and now its got me again...i have got one here right now too with a slice of lemon and really is the real thing! oh well could be worse...ive had worse addictions so i dont worry too much...<br />
just one last thing though...have you seen what happens to a dirty penny when you drop it into a glass of coke...or what happens to a tooth if you leave it in a glass of coke overnight????...may put you off...but didnt work for me..haha..bottoms up

either there putting something in that coke. or maybe your mind is just thinking your addicted to it.