I Am A Recovering Coca~cola Addict

I used to drink at least 5 cans a day, sometimes in place of food. I was pretty thin. Now I am older and actually like eating and so I felt the need to cut back on the coke. I am down to 1 can a day. It is actually more special now and more enjoyable. It must have a 'glass' glass, a straw and lots of ice. I look forward to it when i get home from work. I work at a Dinner Theatre so at night we have free access to fountain coke so many times I cheat of course.

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3 Responses Dec 13, 2009

Actually, i always used a straw so if any of my teeth were affected they were in the back if at all because it sends the coke right down your throat. Coffee is actually worse, once i started in on that my teeth weren't as nice. As a matter of fact I went to an orthodontist 2 years ago and he said I had the whitest teeth he had seen in awhile (especially on the insides) for someone who doesn't use teeth whitener. Go figure. I rarely ever eat sweets except on special occasion and opt for cereal instead which is less sugar and has vitamins added. Now of course its a moot point since i gave up the coke.

I love my cappuccino and have two cups in the morning. I have my own machine to make it.<br />
Like fascade, I was wondering about your teeth. Especially if your'e still doing this in 10 years time.

How are your teeth?