I Quit Sometimes

I first started drinking Coke when I was around 10 and used to travel with my step-father out of the city to visit our family out in farm country. We would stop half way and he'd get me an ice cold Coca Cola. Now I drink it in a big cup with lots of ice. I can't drink it if it's warm; it's too syrupy then.

The most I've ever had is 5 one night when I was still in school. Now the most I ever have is 2 a day and I even feel a little guilty about that. I know there's no way in the world they're good for me. It's like my dirty little secret and I feel like a criminal sneaking a 12 pack into the house.

My husband doesn't care at all. He thinks I'm addicted to Coke because of my mother. She wouldn't have any sugar or snack foods in the house when I was a kid. He thinks if I just came out with it and went on a major binge I'd get it out of my system, but I won't do it. Most days I won't even have one. Otherwise I'll have 2 at the most. I've had 2 today and am thinking about having a third but I'd feel too guilty. I won't do it.

Don't tell me this is weird because I already know it is. Can't drink Pepsi. I don't like the taste. If I have to choose between Pepsi or water I'll choose water. My husband drinks water, or late in the evening he'll have a beer. He has a cup of coffee in the morning in the car on the way to work. I drink coffee all morning and in the afternoon. I think I have a beverage fetish or something. I won't drink my first coke until around 8 or 9 o'clock at night. If I forget to replenish my supply, which doesn't usually happen, I get panicky.

See what I mean - it is like a real addiction. It sounds silly, but it is kind of a problem. I'd rather not drink them because they're so sugary, but I can't stop. There have been times in my life where I've given them up, but then I go right back to them with renewed vigor. When I talk to my husband about this he rolls his eyes and gets back to doing something meaningful.

So this is my Coke addiction story. It's weird. It's me.

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3 Responses Jan 18, 2010

I understand what you both are saying, I grew up with the 14 and 16 oz bottles of coke.<br />
I have also spent my life with a very heavy depression, it runs in my family, we all have it. But I am the only one with the addiction to Coke. My adverse day is at least 4, but there has been days where I have had six if not more. I hate water, I always have this thing where I am drinking wet bugs when I drink water, even though I know it is very clean bottled water. Pepsi taste the same as Coke, I can tell the difference I need to stop, the edges drive me crazy and the lack of sleep because I will have two before bedtime, is killing me. I think what is harder is the lack of interest I get from my doctor about this problem, he doesn't seem concerned, so why should I>

Isn't that crazy, how those bottles can bring such ecstasy? I swear coke gets colder in the bottles rather than the cans. And Blue - getting cold coke in a bottle makes my eyeballs roll back in my head. ^_^ I used to date this guy who was always saying, "It's the little things ...." Bugged the hell out of me, but I think he actually had a point there! Sometimes the little things in life are just awesome.

I can't live without Coca Cola... I actually go to a specialty store so I can purchase it imported in it's finest form... Glass Bottle! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!