13 Years

I am now 27. I started using when I was 13. Had a few breaks here and there nly becuse I had to. I got pregnant and nursed both my kids. I quit for that. I have been angry for as long as I can remember I talk with a nasty tone and I don't even mean too. I realized I was sexually abused at the ripe young age of 9 with intercourse staring when I was 12. With my dads friends. IT started a nsty down hill slide. I had sex with guys girls for drugs. I slept with people for just  because. I want to stop I am trying to stop. I want my  life back.

My husbad and I started to go to swingers parties, I have a lot of fun But the sex drugs and booze are just reniforcing mmy past...right? I am stuck Is it true untill i m[am ready to give this up I won't be healed?
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2 Responses Nov 24, 2010

I was 10 when i was abused by my stepfather so i know how your feeling, drugs came later resulting from being in a bad marriage, separation led me to selling myself for my habit, and it is true sex and drugs are my life until l someone comes along to change that i can see myself kicking the habit.

I feel your pain.<br />
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If you want to talk message me privately.<br />
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