It All Started 3 Months Ago...

it started quite oddly for me, i was moving school that day and i had a massive headache so instead of picking up the paracetamol i picked up solpadol, 30mg codeine and 500mg paracetamol, i took 2 and i watched tv for a while. i started to get a fuzzy feeling in my body and my bones tingled and the pain was gone, it was amazing and i woke up the next morning feeling more refreshed than ever, but i vowed not to take anymore because i know i could get addicted. before anyone ask's i got it from my parents cabinet, they get a prescription. so for a week i went around and always thought about that feeling and i know i couldn't replicate it. so i went and got 2 of my mothers zapain pills (same thing different brand) and took them and watched some more tv. but this time it wasn't the same but the effects were similar. the next thing i know im in possession of 1 packet of solpadol, then another and then im on my third and now im on my 20th i think. then i take a full carton, then im going to school buzzed, i puke up and get sent home, told my parents i had a stomach bug (my brother had one earlier in the month) i still go into school buzzed and now im taking 4 at a time and my friends have to help me go to class and telling me i NEED to stop, even though they smoke and drink, hypocrites. im drinking now too get a better buzz, im drinking energy drinks to keep me going, im depressed and anxious all the time and i think im ******* up my life. 

this is my friends story she wanted to tell it, so i wrote out her exact words, i really hope i can get her some help.

lolgirly100 lolgirly100
13-15, F
Feb 13, 2010