Life Is To Short For Bad Coffee!

The words I live by.  Life is to short for bad coffee
ice4u ice4u
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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

Take a batch of green Yemen Mokha Sharasi coffee beans, roast them to full city or full city+. Let the roasted beans age for 48 hours. Grind just enough to brew a pot. Inhale the aroma of the freshly ground beans, that's heaven. Brew the ground beans in a vacuum pot. Serve with a splash of half and half. Take that first sip - I've died and gone to heaven.<br />
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Yemen Mokha Sharasi is Medium-Bold intensity / Rustic sweetness, fruits, spice. Perfect for the vacuum pot. My father has been ordering from them for years. Since I left home I really miss the coffee he roasted and brewed. It's almost enough to make me go back home.