Beautiful Blend

Honestly I love all coffee but black. It kinda leaves a really gross after taste. Like worse than non-black. I mean with a certain amount of sugar maybe but other wise no.
The coffee I am addicted to is white chocolate mocha. I first tried it at Starbicks and was like O.O OMG amazing! Is just so rich! And when it goes down your throat is like oh my God......orgasmic!! Haha but yeah.
My second favorite has to be the new cold coffee...mocha flavor. Omg I down that stuff so freaken quick. I have yet to try the original but hey I'm up for a taste! I give kuddos to the person who invented this wonderful drink!
But now you know that I looove coffee XD. Thanks for reading :))
Tatteredheart Tatteredheart
18-21, M
1 Response Jun 13, 2012

A great drink.