Yes I'm Addicted!

Honestly, nothing hard about Ramadan but resisting coffee!

In normal days I never eat until late, I never eat at work unless I'm forced lol so I'm used to not eating during the day! Water? Well, I have been a couple of times to the hospital because of water lack, I don't feel thirsty so I don't drink water, at Ramadan same thing, even though the weather is freaking hot, I don't feel thirsty!

The only thing that is really giving me a hard time is COFFEE! I drink tons of coffee at work, I drink coffee just to pass the time, I drink coffee to be able to think properly, I drink coffee to do anything basically, I just discovered that I'm such a clumsy person without coffee!

Ramdan makes me feel how much I have a coffee addiction, however, even though it is hard through the day to give up coffee, it gives the first cup of coffee I drink after Iftar (fast-breaking) such a special taste!

Every day, after I eat, I have to:

Nice! <3
MissGaga MissGaga
26-30, F
Aug 2, 2012