LOVE Death Note

i have only just recently discovered death note and it hit me straight away i was addicted when reading both the first two books in one night but now i'm completley addicted!!! the plot is amazingly indepth and keeps you guessing right until the end, when reading it you think "why is he doing that he'll get caught" but then it tells you the plan and you think "awww...clever" its ace!!! I think L has to be the best character ever.....altho its wierd coz u sort of want L to catch kira but secretly you want Kira not to get caught aswell...aww i just love it!!!


Anyway plz leave ur stories on death note....comments...questions for other etc.... and if you have never read or watched death definatley should its amazing!!! woop!! cyaz XxxxX

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@kawaiimuffin ..... this is like THE latest reply in the world! [i've not been on EP in a long time] but OMG im so glad you love it! I wrote my independant study on death note for A-level and i'm hoping to somehow incorporate it into my dissertation for my degree next year :D.<br />
<br />
And i know what you mean by being a big fan of a country... Im a big fan of Hong Kong and Korea.. Korea mostly because of the music and media they produce... my life reveloves around it :D .. but Hong Kong/China because of the culture and the country and how beautiful it all is... it is my most favorite place on earth :D.<br />
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Death Note/Japan/China/Hong Kong/ Korea! Hwaiting!!!!! XxxxX

I looove Death note to ! <br />
I started reading it just because I wondered what is was about and so on and now I am like addicted!xD I just love everything about it but I don't even know why! Its crazy!!!!<br />
BTW I am a big fan of Japan too I just love the country and the culture, the harajuku girls and so on! (^_^)

It's not a specififc book, but the manga series...the original start of Death Note, then the Anime was released and then recently the Films..[which rock!!!!!]....sooo...yh its just the manga series, they sell them everywhere....borders, waterstones, amazon...etc.

umm i dnt really know coz i only read the books....i can try and find out though. XxxxX XxxxX XxxxX

help me plz!!!<br />
wat episode/episodes<br />
is volume 7 of death note<br />
its driving me crazy