My Best Anime ( Death Note )

i remember the first time i watched Death Note . I got So excited that i found myself engrossed with it .
i liked that the both of them ( Light / L ) are extremely similar ( intelligent and persistence ) and extremely different at the same time ( principles and style )  Also. how they are friends and enemies at the same time, working together and plotting against each other
the battle between them is so addictive , that i couldn't stop watching it .
After i finished watching the last episode , i just wanted to watch it again

i really wish if there will be a second season for Death Note 

Angela22 Angela22
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5 Responses Dec 2, 2010

Thanks ^_^ i will download it .

You should try Code Geass if you haven't already. I thought that anime was similar in a way.

yes, i watched the movies

Did you watch the movie too?

I feel the same way about gits. Probably just because of my desire to have a new body