I Saw It Soo Many Times

It's not even funny how many episodes i go through in a day or, i used to.
so i think i started watcing soon after i started getting into bleach, i was just waiting for the next episode of bleach and it didn't come b/c that were on "vacation"... **** me off... so i was looking for other anime to watch and i stumbled on Death Note. At first i was like was like "what is this hourse sht? ur telling me he just writes ppls name down in the death note and thats it?!??" then it got good, and before i new it, it was on the list every week getting watched with the other anime i watch when they come out. the thing i like about it most is that its not like other anime, DBZ, darker than black, naruto ect. It had a good number of twists in it... i can't get into too many details without saying "spoiler" but once it started coming out in english i watched it again on cartoon network the one thing i didn't like about it is that it ended...its not as long as the other anime, and if it continued it would be the best anime ever, NO JOKE
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1 Response Jul 6, 2011

I agree, it's one of my favorite anime. I love it. Especially the characters.