Death Note: "i Am L"

Death Note is absolutely the best anime! Funny how I started seeing the series. As a student I had always been on top of my class, when I was in my 2nd year in higher school, the top student of the 3rd year class (who consider me as a rival) kept on calling me Layto (that's how i hear it). I never had an Idea what he is talking about. Since as I have said, he considers me as a rival I thought that he was making fun of me. And it was odd that every time we cross paths he would tell me "I am L" (which is his real name by the way but still it creeps me out). I never realized what he means about everything until a friend told me that the guy was completely addicted to Death Note. "Death Note? What the hell is that?" Intrigued, I've watched the series. I've always thought that DBZ, Naruto, Bleach and the Gundam series were the best animes ever but after watching death note, I proved myself wrong! Every scene was undoubtedly remarkable! I would still get goosebumps every time I would think of how amazing everything was. Everything was just so cool! Just imagine how you'd felt when L and Light went in and topped the entrance exam of the same school. How L introduced himself to Light by saying "I am L" when in fact light was looking for him to kill him. Everything was damn good! During the mid part you'd think that L was winning but then he died. Truly I felt bad about L dying and lost a little interest on the next things that will happen but when Near and Melo came, the game started again. And when you think that Light will be winning in the end he end up loosing, everything was just too unpredictable! A proof on how notable the anime was! How I admire its creator! He's such a genius. I started to become more analytical after watching the whole series LOL.
In the end i realized that it wasn't that bad being called Layto but I'd rather be "L"! LOL
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lol. Nice Story. :D