Can't Stop...

I've seen the series! And I find myself reading all of the manga everyday. I'm not a fan of Light (or Riato/Kira), at all. But I'm a huge fan of L. And of Misa, strangely. And I also like Ryuuk and Matsuda too! XD

And I love the soundtrack of Death Note! Especially Misa-misa's creepy song!

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3 Responses Aug 17, 2008

Ryuuk! Omg when he doesn't get apples XD! <br />
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Light isn't very pleasant, but it does keep things interesting.

I love L and Misa. I don't like Light. He treats Misa so horribly and he goes completely off the deep end lol

I love L and Matsu. Light just creeps me out how insane he gets throughout the series.