Kicking My Addiction To Dr. Pepper

Hey everyone, I am on day two of kicking my addiction to Dr. Pepper. I know it sounds silly to say you are addicted to a soft drink, but it is real and really hard to quit. I have tried several other times, but this time I am determined to make it stick. I am documenting my first 30 days without Dr. Pepper and you can read all about it at

Today I have a slight headache, but my head feels funny. I have been a bit dizzy and yesterday (Day 1) was not easy at all. I have craved Dr. Pepper almost non-stop for the last two days. I decided to do this because I knew I was addicted and I knew it was negatively affecting my health by contributing to weight gain and high blood pressure. Hopefully I will become healthier now that I am stopping. Wish me luck!
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Oct 27, 2011