Drug Induced Phsychosis Made Me Throw Myself Out Of A Window

I started taking drugs from the age of 19 years old when I started dancing on the club scene, amphetamine and ecstasy where the first recreational drugs that I used. They would give me a sense of being free with loads of confidence and would help me party all through the night without feeling tired. This went out for four years which within this time I started to experiment with other drugs such as MDMA, ketamine, ghb, methadrone and other legal highs. This crept up on me so slowly that I didn’t even notice that I was becoming dependant on these substances. As time went by I lost a lot of jobs through going out and getting wired.  Unable to get up on a Monday through partying all weekend. Then I started taking ketamine in the week which started with a couple of grams to taking an ounce with a friend within four days. Lots of my clubbing friends were doing the same so I didn’t see it as a problem.  Then a friend died who was extremely addicted to coke and ketamine and I stopped taking it.
Then my addiction turned to cocaine. Within a matter of weeks I would wake up in the morning and only think of doing a line of coke. I wouldn’t wash or brush my teeth and put on dirty clothes and not bother about my appearance from when I was first clubbing at 19. Then I started to get extremely paranoid and thought I could hear voices and that my friends were plotting things against me.  After a week binge on coke I was so paranoid that I ended up with drug induced psychosis and jumped out of a window which was 15ft drop.  I snapped my fema, knee cap, foot and hip and I am extremely lucky to be alive and writing my post to you guys.  Also what I thought was cocaine wasn’t at all, there was only 2 % cocaine in my blood stream and a list of other chemicals I hadn’t even heard of from the doctors. I hope my story can help others and see that there’s so much more to life. Drugs and clubbing was everything to me at 19 and it turned into complete hell. I have come through the other side now with a lot of help and support. I am now 26 years old and walking again but my leg will never be the same. I just hope that someone will read my story and think twice about using. It started fun and ended up a living hell!
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Doesn't addiction always start fun and turn to hell?