i first tried meth when i was 16, i fell in love with it.i have spent years hustling to get high. now at 23 i am married and my husband is also a meth addict. we have the most disfunctional marriage u can possibly imagine. i know that using meth deystroys lives but  something about blowing that cloud excites me. i have dreams of having a normal life with my husband, clean and sober.but i believe we wont make it to see that day together. we fight too much.

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Well the only way is for you both to want to quit that is if you want to stay together so if he isnt ready you are going to have to leave him to work on you its a long hard road im trying to get down myself my last shot was last night and right now now so sure ill make it tonight without one but im trying.

Type your comment here...I know where you are coming. From...I fell in love with my dealer about 7 years ago ..he has been in n out of prison .he is married his last prison time he used me for money he told me he loved me and blah blah...I wish every day I had a normal life!!