A Downward Spiral.

It's not right. I tried leaving but I couldn't. It's a downward spiral and I can't get out of. I have been an addict of spending money since returning home from Afgahnistan and Iraq. It really is hard. I used to go to ***** clubs. But that was putting a strain on my marriage. I am not trying to put my other problems lightly but i feel it needs to be mention to understand of who i am. Then I needed a hobby to keep my mind from going nuts because going to ***** clubs was my way of returning to normal in my eyes. I found my childhood hobby of collecting football and baseball cards. Now I am trying to stop because its getting worst. I used to have my own store on ebay but I had to shut it down due space in my home. And very slow Internet speed. Getting help and asking for help is a double edge sword for me. I tell my wife half truths. I must do something about this. Please help.
Bluetooth78 Bluetooth78
31-35, M
Jan 20, 2013