~ebay Addiction ~

How many things can I be addicted too?

I've been going nuts on ebay with my shopping.  It's a new website for me and I'm having a blast.  But so is my checkbook.  I've only paid by cash as a measure to gage myself, but now I'm spending next months money.  I can pay the monthly dues, but no more shopping for me.  It's no fun with no money.  I cleaned out my little safety net and will be in trouble if I don't stop. 

That's why I'm writing this story.  To say "I will not go shopping on ebay again until February." 

I sound just like a true addict!  It's my addictive personality raising its head again.

I can't.

HP's can.

Let them.

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my child is really addicted to ebay and amazon... I decided to install parental control called PCWebControl to limit her internet access...

I just closed my third ebay account. The difference this time is I closed my paypal account also. I used to sell avon which was part of my problem cause ebays jewelry is quIte a bit cheaper. I am hoping that because I closed my paypal account also that this will be the end of my spending spree. Before I didnt want to close it and it was way too easy to make another ebay account.

I know, it sucks! I started looking at my checkbook before I'd go onto ebay & found the reality of my money situation kept me from going. Good Luck!

I hate opening my packages now. My postman knows my schedule. I race home from school run to wait for my package. I hate this life. I'm skint and I keep on shopping. Heeeeeeelp!

my boyfriend is really addicted. I looked up his sn and through his feed back (keep in mind not all sellers leave feed back) I added everything up. He spent almost $6000 between now and the beginning of august.I am also not adding a $350 item he needed for business. We have had fights about this before. We are very behind in our relationship and he has the funds to move us forward. I have a business degree and I told him I would co manage the business and deal with the business, office, and financial work. Basically the gears of the operation. I honestly think this last discovery has ended our three year relationship. I don't think he cares or is adult enough to handle the challenges a relationship can bring.

Sounds like addiction to me. There is only one way he'll stop and that is only if he wants to. There is nothing you can say or do to stop him. It's time to take care of yourself and not go down with him. I'm sending you love & light, WM

i am also addicted to ebay, for me its clothes for my daughter an not cheap ones either i have a credit card attached to my paypal. an i already have put $17,000 on it. I keep saying this will be my last time but I never stop. I need some real help.

Thanks for sharing. I found if I look at my bank account 1st before I purchase it takes away the need to buy. Maybe looking at your bill might help. Good Luck with it.

I 'M addicted too ebay as well my boyfriend always say you going on ebay again today I just laugh at him cause he know i'm addicted too it

It's so addicting, but then I also have that personality. At one time I was addicted to Mario's and played all day with a friend. My ex got mad and said I was addicted so I told him to go to Alanon ~ lol On a more serious note, I'm still off ebay but now play facebook games. I had to learn how not to spend $ there. Anytime I wanted to spend, I would look at my bank account and that would get rid of the desire to spend any money. Good luck with behaving yourself.

My sisters addicted to selling and buying on eBay and doesn't realize. She would stop phoning me the other day because she put a heap of her precious gold and silver Jewellery up for auction and wanted me to bid on it because she was freaking out thinking she wasn't going to make her money on the items. Luckily she made her money on them but now it's given her the excitement to sell more and the extra funds to buy more.

I need help but will try my best all on my own. have just closed my account as I need to cure my addiction. Just like an alcoholic I need to be completely of it or it all starts again. I have spent thousands of $s in 2 months on antique gold diamond jewelry mostly as described, and a<br />
load of stuff that is often not right. I had been off it for months, then one great bargain and like a drunk,<br />
Who can stop at a couple?<br />
So this time I need to stop for good. I am not a wealthy person work hard and I am 60.<br />
Anyone out there? I live in Ozz....

OMG I know, it's awful! Jewelry, books, clothing, designer purses, movie memorabilia, the obscure and bizarre... unfortunately to our delight, it's all at the ends of our fingertips just on the other side of that silently waiting search bar...

I am in real trouble from ebay!! I have several credit card linked to paypal, and that one click Bill Me Later adds to my debt big time. It is so bad, I am scared to let my husband know how nuch we owe...$30,000

i am also addicted to ebay bidding. my thing is marie osmond dolls. tiny tots in particular. when i see the great prices i can things for it just boggles my mind. after i successfully win i say no more for a while.then i go back on the site and im done. i live with my son on a fixed income. he is laid off and could use more of my help. i do help him quite a bit but right now he could use more so he doesnt loose his house. anyway to make a long story short he found a way to keep me out of ebay. its embarrassing, its like im the child. part of me is glad he can do this because i couldnt stop.

That's tough stuff. After I went on a spending run with ebay I felt pretty bad. It's no fun when the checking acct bounces too. When I finally got a grip (only becuz I had no more $) I had to take a look at why to try & prevent myself in repeating it. For me it was a matter of a bi-polar manic episode & needed to address it. Doing something about it helped me to forgive myself. It's good to take a look at what your doing & I hope you can stop shaming yourself. It's only an indication something is going on with you is all. Let me know how your doing. WM

I, too, am living this life. It's horribly addictive, the ability to rationalize the self-inflicted ruin is pretty scary, too. I mean, I sound just like an alcoholic! Lying to my loved ones about the volume of my spending, getting behind on bills, giving things that I've won away just so I can keep going... it's awful, at least the self-hatred and financial devastation are. It's kind of like that gorgeous, intelligent guy who is wonderful... so long as he keeps his fist out of my face, or keeps his **** in his pants...

Sounds like you have a good enough handle on it. <br />
Besides, the screaming at the puter is 1/2 the fun :P <br />
Those auto bids can suck. <br />
I strive really hard to decide what my highest bid will be & stick with it.<br />
When I know I can lose focus/self-control on something I really REALLY want,<br />
and easily get into a bidding war, I set my bid, leave & never look back.<br />
Oh man, that's hard to do tho...............<br />
<br />
OK, it's time to bare all.............<br />
I've been buying a lot of Native American items.<br />

eBAY twin OMy!! ROTFL <br />
I've only been "addicted' for a month... haven't had any real problems, yet *crosses fingers*<br />
Those are some good ideas... (looking the bank account,before hand)..<br />
I did start watching items... instead of impulsively buying... <br />
The thing I've noticed is... that the bidding price can be excellent, but where the seller gets you is on the shipping and handling.. <br />
hehe hope we don't ever bid against eachother either. LOL I start yelling at the computer screen.... I'm like "No, I can't believe this!!!... Really C'mon who else would want this but me?!"..... I hate those automatic bids too!!!

OMGosh, your my ebay twin, lol.<br />
I've done a little buying, although I shouldn't at all.<br />
What I do diff now is look at my bank acct on line first.<br />
That's always a good slap of reality. I also take the time to read everything<br />
and comparison shop. I've learned some of the pitfalls & know how to<br />
read between the lines now (after having been burnt a few times).<br />
I also always put things on watch, to avoid my ever so expensive "I want what<br />
I want when I want it" habit. I usually find something better anyhow.<br />
<br />
I wish you the best. Here's hoping we never bid against each other.

Well.... it's March, you back on ebay? lol It's a NEW addiction for me right now.... I just can't stop... bidding and buying..so fun. like gambling!! ahhhhh *sigh* It's not a good idea to have my credit/debit card synced to PayPal....and with a click of a button the transaction is made.... I don't realize how it adds up. It's crazy. I see all kinds of unique... things that I think i just have to have.... but don't need. Ahhh I think i need to back off!!! But not yet.... ;o)

No Kidding! I sat down and did an audit. This month and next month I'll be turning blue from holding my breath, but should recover in March. It's no fun anymore now that I'm looking at reality. When my packages come I don't even enjoy opening them.

I'm a fool about buying new music. Itunes helps, cuz I can tell by one song whether I'll like the album or not. Sometimes, anyway! I hope you get a leash on your spending, cuz it can cause needless angst.

Thanks c8lorraine for sharing. After reading your comment I realized some of my behavior with ebay is actually more addict than I thought. I have already started checking into becoming a buyer to rid myself of the things I don't need that I bought since my funds are lower now than previous. I have my own winter coat which is nice and bought 2 more coats that I don't need. I just liked them so much and could get them at a good price. I'm shaking my head at myself because I feel almost like I had a relapse. Truth is I haven't stopped yet. Now I'll be broke for 2 months to get everything back on track. My guess is now I'm going to have to cancel my little trip to visit my brother. S***!!!!!

I used to be addicted to Ebay here in Australia until they started *hiking* the fees ! many Aussies left and an Australian site "Oztion" started up and reaped the benefit of the ebay fallout. Ebay actually lost so much business that they started laying off staff.<br />
<br />
They did trial the new fees on the Aussies because they thought we were so laid back we would accept them..... but they hadn't counted on the Aussie revolt !!!! Hopefully they learned their lesson and didn't inflict the same cost barriers on other countries.<br />
<br />
I began selling on ebay a few years back to be able to *pay* for my addiction to buying online.... so I know what you mean. It was my experience that the slow months are Dec - March each year.

I know what you are talking about, I hope you can stay out of e-bay till feb.<br />
<br />
good luck

Thanks...if you ever get curious about ebay, pick up the phone and call me instead. lol

I have never checked ebay out- but I DO KNOW what it is to spend too much money and have to stop doing it and be poor as all out for a bit. Good luck with that!

Great idea!!!!!!! LOL