This May Sound a Little Weird.

I am completely addicted to energy drinks, and I don't just mean I'm a big fan of them. If I don't have one every day, I become extremely forgetful. For a while I wasn't able to drink any, and everyone around me was aware of that fact. I couldn't go a single day without saying I needed an energy drink. The first day I went without one I mispelled my own name. A while after that I didn't have one one day, and I actually forgot how old I am. I also have started having anxiety attacks almost everyday before I have one. I drink them and I feel extremely calm. I am only able to have one a day because even without them my heart beats too fast, and occasionally has an extra beat. I wish I could have more. My dad and sister thought I should stop drinking them because they aren't supposed to be good for you, but I didn't stop. They didn't even realize that they could have this effect on me. I am 16, and I am an energy drink addict, and I have no intention of changing that.

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haha i like that last comment. dude, your 16 and have heart problems, YOUR GOING TO DIE!!! my wife was drinking 2 a day with a stacker and her heart would give that extra beat, she would feel faint for a minute. i was in iraq and drank 3 or more a day but have since cut down because its expensive and they were free their (for the weak ones anyway) and have since cut down. thankfully i have an ultra high metabolism, and i always make sure to eat something high in carbs and protein when i do drink them, they work a lot better and its probably better for you so you don't start metabolizing your own body away. i had a buddy that drank just as much as me, and his heart stopped working while he was lifting weights. **** i know it makes you feel like a bad *** and **** but you wont feel so cool when you faint in front of your buddies.

Sure... being an addict is cool.<br />
Until you get Diabetes.