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around 20 yrs ago i had an experience that,at the time,i didnt think 2 much about,but about 7yrs later it came back 2 me,+it held a real significance this time.heres what happened-i was taking a sandwich break with my workmate at that time,it was a saturday morning+we were window cleaners earning a bit workmate started relating 2 me about how his uncle,who was considered a bit eccentric+hermitlike,had passed on+he had gone 2 his uncles home with a friend,with a view 2 sorting through the possessions left in his uncles house.they were sorting through some pretty old stuff in the attic,when they found a very large,dusty book.wondering what it was about,they opened the book ,but were suprised 2 find the written language looked 2 them like latin,+the writing was handwritten,in a decorative style.the impression gained was it was some sort of agreement or treaty,+this was compounded when they turned the last page.amidst the writing was a handprint in what he said looked like blood,obviously a signature to comply with whatever was written in2 the contract.on the next page was a 2nd parties signature,also in what looked like blood.this signature completely dwarfed the hand print,obviously human,1st was more like a very large claw print,+he actually described it as lizard like.his friend was totally un-nerved at the sight of this,+due 2 this they left shortly afterwards,with a view 2 going back at a later date 2 find out more.i dont know if they ever did go back,we went seperate ways shortly after he told me wasd when i read david icke"s book,the biggest secret,that the relevence of what hed told me,hit home.its my belief that what was said 2 me was true,not a joke,+this really happened.i think they had come across an extremely rare actual contract that the reptoids had agreed 2 with some human secret society.i think life was laying a clue 4 me which would become apparent years later when i became interested in the reptoid scene..well,thats it.may not seem much 2 others but i believe i was always meant 2 hear what i did,2 be recalled at a time of relevence years later.i give my word this is a true story,thanks..
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You should try and contact your old mate and find out. I would.

Thanks for reading Swan.I guess I should,but Im sure you know what I mean when saying people drift off with the years.I have always believed it was a deliberate sign for me though,even if I didnt see it immediately.

What about your curiosity?

I'm curious...I want to know. Facebook ? Have you ever googled it?

I contacted David Ikes asssistant and told him the story.He said he thought Ikes would be interested and call me.It never happened,and I believe with that I put it on the back burner of my "brain" (ho ho!)I would like to speak to him further about it (my friend) but my time is dedicated to my dogger and reading ever new weird happenings,along with EP.

Fascinating none the less.

Thanks,Ive been fortunate in having had a couple of experiences which were not "normal" :)

I would love to hear about it at some point.

Sure.Im about to walk my dog,but if you nudge me about it sometime I will happily relate them to you.Nothing spectacular,but strange all the same,and true.

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Hi Pedro, it's a really cool book you found. Would have been great to peddle that puppy over to oxford and find out what the writing was all about and also find out who the lizard-foot-stamp belonged to.<br />
<br />
I hope you will look up Betty and Barney Hill, they were most probably Project Artichoke victims and were hypnotized into believing that they were UFO abductees. People can get hypnotized to believe all sorts of things. I remember seeing someone get hypnotized into believing they were a chicken!!! XD

I never saw the book,it was related to me by the guy I was working with,but I believe he told me the truth.Ive read a little on the Hills,and nothing would surprise me regarding UFOs or their origins.Havnt heard of project artichoke and will search it,thanks.

sorry I meant to say your friends - uncles book. I believe he told you the truth too. I'm just curious about the exact origins of the book. You probably can guess that I think the origins are probably in Europe somewhere. To me that makes it no less interesting...

This sure is a strange one Pedro,honestly Ihave no knowledge of what you speak however I do not doubt your word,very very strange.