You Know It's Bad When...'re on vacation with your EP friend and you're still on EP messaging each other! lol Too funny!

Disclaimer:  I have decided not to check this for adult content so that the young one's may learn the dangers of EP.
weekender1 weekender1
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You do know you are both bonkers!

Any minute now we're gonna bust a move....wait and see if we don't!

Well one of you has to get more coffee and cakes!


Yep, you've got it bad

Have pity on me..... I made a horrible mistake! ( loves the heck outta the little pup )

Is the little pup behaving?

Kathie showed me how duct tape works for so many things! She can't respond right now though! He he! :)


Weekie is into things you can't even IMAGINE !!!! ( musta been those books she read...)

Is she a wild child?

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