I Hate Myself..!1

I am 20 years old from Burma.I am look like a real man and some girls are follow after me. but I think I am a gay. I hate it but I am attracted by men only .. What should I do??
I never have sex relationship with guys but I feel like to have with them. but I control myself. It;s a shameful things... and I am also a Christian. The Bible does'nt allowed Homosexual.
What should I do???give me some idea??? my friends those who read ???
Marioo3 Marioo3
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Well I read in some reliable books regarding neurology about how the human brain works and why we like men or women. And everyone that will ever tell you that sexual preference is a choice is wrong. You can't choose, your brain chooses for you, even before you were born. It could change if something creepy happens like a tumor or something but don't ever let anyone (EVEN YOURSELF!) tell you that there's something wrong with you. We're all just brains on legs and that makes you just another person. What you should do is figure out who that person enjoys being the most.