Life In the Slow Lane

Maybe it's just because I don't have very many people kicking around this part of town these days... it is between semesters, after all... but I've found this site to be filling a very empty social gap in my life. I wonder if it's healthy? I had a friend once tell me that he refused to get involved in any online social sites because, as he put it, they "distracted you from real life." I wonder how true that is...
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3 Responses Jul 16, 2007

Hi, mmmmm I think that it does'nt hurt to try I mean I've been feeling the same way and sometimes you may need to find someone else to talk to, maybe out here we dont find poeple that we may feel confturble with maybe we feel that they wont listen the way you may want to. I think is great to have a web site like EP.

Well it couldn't hurt to have both online social life and real social life. which are really different. being good at one does not mean you are good at the other, just have a good balance. the pros so a good social life outside of the net is that you can get comments on your thoughts instantly. instead of a year later. hahahahaah

Hmm. Most of my social life is online. I don't really think I am "missing out" on real life, cuz I get out. I even believe that it is a good thing that I find these places because I need people to be able to understand me and know what I am or have gone through. Sometimes no one in "real life" can relate.