Me Addicted, No, Never

No, I'm not addicted. I'm just on here 24/7 for no good reason, lol. I absolutely love being on this site. Although, I think I have run out of experiences to add and that kinda sucks. Oh well, I'll think of some more later I guess. Hey everyone, I'm and EP addict and proud of it. lol

I have become so addicted to this place that I actually took the time to figure out how to create a short cut, and now have one, so that I can get here faster. No more having to type in the whole word, I just get right to it. I don't even check my email anymore. (email doesn't compare to this anyway)

silvertears silvertears
31-35, F
3 Responses Aug 8, 2007

ahhhh I love this site too... know the feeling....hope to see you soon silver!! Miss ya....

So true. But, just wait till I get my lap top. Then I'll be on here every night again. lol Miss you birdie.

You've been cured! Alas, not under the very best of circumstances, but a cure is cure! :D