A Fashion-related Fear

I have an (almost) irrational fear of wearing the same clothes as another person. No matter how stylish this person is, no matter how remarkably well-dressed - the notion of turning up to an event wearing the same clothes as anyone else there terrifies me to my very soul. It is especially scary to think of wearing (or even owning) the same items of clothing as somebody that I know. Is it low self-esteem? Insanity? Childish greed? I think maybe it is a deeply psychological problem. Well, no, not really. I am just a naturally demanding person and I crave attention. I do not seek attention deliberately! I just enjoy it when it is lavished upon me. And this happens when I am unique, quirky, different. Therefore, I like being different. I have always had a stereotypical love of fashion and shopping and am considered to be 'the stylish one' of my friends (by them, not me). And I love my clothes so much, they are all exquisite. I don't want anyone else to have them!!
poorlittlerichgirl poorlittlerichgirl
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2 Responses May 23, 2007

i feel the same way!

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